Indian Affairs Timeline

Legislation Affecting Native Americans

Picture521848Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo-ended war between US and Mexico and California was ceded to US
1850"An Act for the Government and Protection of Indians"-provided for indentruing of vagrant indians; became authorization for slave raiders. Partially repealed in 1863
1851Treaties-Redick McKee, representing U.S. Federal Government, made a proposed Treaty with Pomo Tribes, one of 18 treaties reserving certain lands for Tribes, if Tribes relinquiswhed the rest of lands in California: in 1852 public pressure from California led to treaties being rejected by Senate, Action Held in secrecy until 1905seed_basket
1851Land Claims Act-all lands in California not claimed within 2 years of the Act to pass into Public domain. Native Americans were not made aware of the need to present their claims; they generally believed the proposed treaty had secured their land.
Picture631858Round Valley Reservation established
1905Homeless, Landless Indian Act-Following a census of Native American people in California, funds were provided to buy rancherias where needed
1924Indian Citizenship Actlarge_storage_Basket
1927Act authorizing the California Attorney General to bring suit against the US-gave Native Americans free legal service for land claims
1932Mendocino County School Board allows Native American children in public schools
Picture731934Wheeler Howard or Indian Reorganization
Act (IRA)-created to encourage tribes to organize themselves, make constitutions
1934Johnson-O'Malley Act-gave Secretary of Interior ability to contract with states to arrange medical attention. Distress relief, and social welfare for Native Americans
1944Court of Claims awarded $150 to each Native American in CA for losses from failure to ratify treaties of 1851
1958Rancheria Act (Termination) Rancheria lands were distributed to individual Native Americans and infrastructure promised(roads, water systems, sanitation.)cooking_basket
1965Voting Rights Act of 1965-guaranteed Native Americans right to vote
Picture831966Pinoleville Rancheria Terminated
1967Californai Indian Legal Service established to help with lan claims
1983Tillie Hardwick v. US-Class action case disputing Termination, resulted in Federal recognition of Pinoleville Tribe, restoration of original rancheria boundaries, creating Pinoleville Indian Reservationparching_winnowing_tray
1993Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act
2003BIA Reorganization of Pinoleville Pomo Nation
Picture932004IRA Technical Amendment-recognizes tribes' rights to adopt governing documents by own processes
2005On 6/26/2005, Pinoleville Pomo Nation adopts Constitution
2006Pinoleville Pomo Nation Becomes a Self-Governance Tribe